UXD Protocol Announces $3 Million Seed Round led by Multicoin Capital

UXD Protocol
3 min readSep 2, 2021

UXD Protocol is excited to announce that we have raised $3 million in a seed round led by Multicoin Capital with participation from Alameda Research, Defiance Capital, CMS Holdings, Solana Foundation, Mercurial Finance, Solana founders Anatoly Yakovenko, Raj Gokal, and Saber founder Dylan Macalinao.

The funds will be used to launch Testnet and Mainnet, and to hire more developers aggressively. Testnet is scheduled to launch in September and Mainnet in October.

UXD Protocol is an algorithmic stablecoin backed 100% by a delta neutral position using perpetual swaps. The stablecoin will be issued natively on Solana and we will integrate with perpetual swap protocols to create the delta neutral position. Users will be able to trustlessly issue/redeem UXD in exchange for a wide range of cryptocurrencies. The funding rate generated from the delta neutral position will be paid out to holders of UXD, a yield that is native to the protocol.

Since anyone can issue/redeem UXD at par value, if the price of UXD deviates from $1.00, traders can arbitrage the price difference and make a risk free profit. This mechanism will ensure UXD to be pegged to $1.00. The fast and low transaction fees of Solana will facilitate the arbitrage efficiently.

An insurance fund will also be created that pays the negative yield when the funding rate is negative. The insurance fund will be funded by part of the interest payments from the delta neutral position. We also plan on having a liquidity mining program to incentivise staking in the insurance fund. If the insurance fund is depleted for any reason, we will hold an auction of governance tokens and replenish the fund.
All these measures will ensure that holders of UXD will never pay the negative interest rate.

UXD Protocol addresses the stablecoin trilemma, which is decentralization, stability, and capital efficiency. Current stablecoin iterations can only achieve 2 out of 3. We intend on creating a stablecoin that achieves all 3.

The stablecoin market is huge, with a total market cap of $117 billion and trading volume of up to $100 billion/day. But more than 85% of the market cap of stablecoins is composed of centralized stablecoins such as USDT, USDC, BUSD and are at risk of being censored by hostile third parties. The market needs a decentralized, crypto-native stablecoin that is uncensorable, stable and scalable — at all times. UXD Protocol seeks to become that for the market.

Our lead investor Multicoin Capital has written an investment thesis on UXD Protocol, which you can read here.

With the launch date of UXD coming soon, we decided to create an NFT as a pre launch! The $HOOD NFT entitles you to one UXD hoodie (black or white). The hoodie has a limited total supply of 69 and will be sold here against a bonding curve. The price will start at $69 and the price will adjust as people buy and sell the NFT. Once all 69 $HOOD are sold out, we will use the funds raised to buy 1 NFT based on a vote by $HOOD holders. $HOOD holders will collectively own the NFT and can sell them to buy other NFT. UXD hoodie was designed by SPCMN.

Thank you for reading our post and to learn more about UXD Protocol, check out the following links!

Website: uxd.fi

Twitter: https://twitter.com/UXDProtocol




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